Associate Degree in Natural & Applied Sciences

Course Features

  • Course Duration: 16 Months
  • Category:
  • Students: 0
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Location: 15 Braemar Avenue, Kingston 10. Ja.
  • Language: English
  • Lesson: 0
  • Viewers: 2282
  • Prerequisites: No
  • Skill Level: advanced
  • Course Capacity: 35
  • Start Course: 09/10/2018


We offer a four (4) semester, sixteen (16) month Associate Degree in Pre-Medical/Dentistry Health Sciences programme for High School graduates in order for them to fulfill prerequisites for entering the MD programme. Once students complete the programme successfully, they will be transferred to Caribbean School of Medical Sciences, Jamaica four (4) year MD programme. Students are awarded Associate Degree in Pre-Medical/Dentistry Health Sciences after successful completion of the Associate Degree in Pre-Medical/Dentistry Health Sciences programme and Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree after completion of the four (4) year MD programme.

This track is ideal for graduating High School students who are committed to study medicine and are ready to begin their medical studies immediately after completing high school. It is also the path for non-traditional students who need to complete prerequisite courses before being accepted to the Caribbean School of Medical Sciences, Jamaica MD programme.



 Pre-med School Fee Structure


  • Duration                                                   13 weeks per semester – 4 Semester
  • Tuition Fees                                            US$ 3,000 per semester / US$12,000 full programme
  • Average Costs for Books                       US$ 250 per semester (Online Books will be much more affordable)

 Other Fees

  • Commitment Reservation Fee            US $1,000 non-refundable (this will be adjusted towards first semester fee)
  • Late Registration Fee                           US $250 (applied only when past due date)
  • ID/Access control card Fee                 US $25
  • Examination Fee for all exams           US $15 per credit
  • Financial Aid Contribution                 US $100 per disbursement
  • Late Tuition Payment Fee                   US $100 per month (applied when past due date) Payment due date is 1 week before the start of each semester


Our Main Teachers

  • – Masters in Social Work (2003)
    – University Oriente – Masters in Clinical Genetics, Honor Diplomas (1974-1976)
    – University of Camaguey – Doctor of Medicine,Honor Diplomas (1976-1980)

  • – Certificate in Superior Medical Education, University of Havana (2012)
    – Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (1996)
    – Royal College of Glasgow of Edinburgh (1996)
    – Republic of Cuba Doctor of Medicines (1984)