Daniella Hyde


Registrar’s Message

Dear Students,

A warm CSMSJ welcome to all new and returning students of the Caribbean School of Medical Sciences, Jamaica 2017/18 Academic Year!

We say “thank you” for making CSMSJ your university of choice.  We are committed to improving our service and support to you and offering a great experience.  To all I say, take ownership of your life as a student at CSMSJ and resolve to become an even greater success that you have the capacity to be.

Once you have completed your registration process you will be enrolled.  Enrolment will provide you access to your timetable for the semester, and access to our Online Learning Management

platforms and library facilities.   You will also be assigned an Academic Advisor and access to the Educational Enhancement Department.  These are support services to ensure your success as a student in our institution.

Orientation for Academic Year 2017/18 will be on September 4, 2017.   At that time, you will have a more extensive introduction to CSMSJ, its facilities, and members of staff.

Your curriculum is provided for your programs on our Online Learning Management platforms and library facilities, therefore in order to have access you’re encouraged to enrol as early as possible.

We are looking forward to working with you and your Students’ Council to provide the best service and support.

Daniella Hyde

Student Services

Each student, upon admission to the School, is assigned to a trained academic advisor. Faculty members, counsellors, tutorial services and the student representatives work closely in assisting all students to achieve their goals.

The Executive Dean has already designed a system to assist in Internships, Electives and Residency Programme in Jamaica and internationally.  Our students have the opportunity a wide choice to clinical sciences in Jamaica, the Caribbean, USA and internationally.

Admission of Students

  1. Academic Committee appoint members to the Admission Committee which involve lecturers and Head of Schools and Registrar
  2. The Caribbean School of Medical Sciences, Jamaica only admit students who are qualified and highly motivated to study Medicine as a lifelong learning experience. They should exhibit the required human characteristics to be Doctors that respond to the needs of their patients and the Community they serve
  3. Prospective student ethics will be assessed through our professional code of conduct
  4. The students will be interviewed and admission will be based on academic qualification, community involvement, social awareness and psychology.


As detailed in our Programme (1), there is a criteria and procedure for selection of students by the Admission Committee, headed by the Heads of Department.  Students will be selected based on qualifications and should possess the intelligence, integrity, personality and emotional balance to be excellent physicians and other health professionals.

CSMSJ follows and adheres to non-discriminatory policy. Students will not be discriminated against, because of race, religion, ethnicity, culture, gender or sexual orientation.

Physically-challenged students will not be discriminated against. Those who don’t have any serious disability, which will hamper their academic career and growth; such applicants must have – perception, observation, communication, motor and tactile function, cognition, mature, ethical and mental balance.

Visiting and Transfer Students

Visiting and Transfer Students are subjected to the same academic standard and rigor of the CSMSJ students.  Financial arrangement will be made with either the CSMSJ and students or CSMSJ and the institution from which they originate.  CSMJ will only admit visiting and transfer students in Basic Sciences.  Their curriculum and transcript will be scrutinized and a three-man committee involving Executive Dean or Vice Dean, Head of Department or Lecturer to access qualification.  They will be an interview required.

Education Enhancement Department

The institution organizes at least three (3) seminars geared towards career choices in medicine for the students. During the orientation week, each student is assigned an academic advisor; usually a senior lecturer and a counsellor assigned to the school.

The school provide counselling services on various matters as they arise, including health and finance.

The institution put together a remedial process, where weak students are identified very early and a programme put in action to address their needs, identify their shortcomings and accordingly address the situation.


The Caribbean School of Medical Sciences, Jamaica has secured a variety of safe, comfortable, furnished housing Off-Campus.  All students who require housing should apply at the Accommodation Office to ensure that safe approved student accommodation is provided.