Our Tuition

 School Fee Structure


  • Duration                                         13 weeks per semester – 4 Semester
  • Tuition Fees                                    US$ 3,000 per semester / US$12,000 full program
  • Average Costs for Books   US$ 250 per semester (Online Books will be much more affordable)

 Basic Sciences Program (MD Year 1 and 2)

  • Duration                                          13 weeks per semester – 6 Semesters
  • Tuition Fees                                     US $ 7,000 per semester or (US $21,000 annually)
  • Average Costs for Books                 US$ 400 per semester (Online Books will be much more affordable)

Clinical Sciences Program (MD Year 3 and 4)

  • Duration                                          13 weeks per semester – 6 Semesters

Other Non-Academic Expenses (US$)

  • Tuition Fee                                       US$ 8,000 per semester or (US $24,000 annually)
  •  Average Costs for Books                 US$ 600 per semester (Online Books will be much more affordable)

 Other Fees

  • Commitment Reservation Fee          US $1,000 non-refundable (this will be adjusted towards first semester fee)
  • Late Registration Fee                        US $250 (applied only when past due date)
  • ID/Access control card Fee               US $25
  • Examination Fee for all exams          US $15 per credit
  • Financial Aid Contribution                US $100 per disbursement
  • Late Tuition Payment Fee                 US $100 per month (applied when past due date) Payment due date is 1 week before the start of each semester
  • Loan Processing                                Bank of Nova Scotia
Off Campus accommodation $500 – $1,000 per month (single accommodation) + Meal Expense + Living Expenses + Transportation
Air Fare to Jamaica $500 – $2000  per round trip  depending on the region – US, Caribbean, Canada, Intercontinental
Laptop/Tablet Average cost US$ 700

Scholarship (Financial Aid Counselling and Resources)

A Financial Assistant Committee at the level of the School and partnerships with Financial Institutions and Private Agencies regarding assistance and Scholarships is provided. The scholarship may cover full fees or partial.  CSMSJ will facilitate, for students, who find it difficult to pay the fees, with a payment plan wherein they will be able to pay on a monthly basis with minimal penalty or between 1% to 2.5% interest rate.  This arrangement facilitates the students to pay their dues before the end of the term examinations.

We will be partnering with selected banking institutions to help the students address their financial needs.    We will be offering scholarships to needy and deserving Jamaican students, depending on the financial situation.  The scholarships could be full fees or partial and supported by the private sector, government or non-governmental organizations and banking institutions.  We will be seeking to partner with local and international governmental and non-governmental agencies to assist in this cause.

CSMSJ strive to quality as an institution wherein the international students can seek federal assistance or assistance from their respective governments to facilitate completion of their studies.

We will be partnering with research institutions, which will not only offer paid research opportunities but also offer financial assistance to the needy students.