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Gastroenterology Symposium

Date :

November 21

Date :

4:30 am - 11:40 am

Address :

15 Braemar Ave, Kingston 10. St. Andrew, Jamaica

Event Description

The Caribbean School of Medical Sciences, Jamaica in collaboration with the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, is hosting, the Gastroenterology Symposium.


Gastroenterology: there is arguably no medical specialty influenced as much by the general health of the nation.

Obesity or poor diet causing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and reflux, alcohol and undiagnosed Hepatitis C, all contribute to the increasing numbers attending General Practice and Secondary Care.

Our specialty highlights the balance between the population’s health and individualised medicine; during this symposium we will look at how we can improve both the nations’ health and the individual’s health through our surgeries or clinics.

At national level we will learn from:

  • transplant colleagues
  • our world class colorectal cancer screening
  • transformative programmes like the Egypt-wide Hepatitis C eradication project

At the individual patient level we investigate:

  • the developing field of Bariatric endoscopy to “cure” fatty liver disease and diabetes
  • the intricacies of the nature and nurture overlap of IGG4-related disease

To contrast we also look at:

  • inadequate nutritional input or absorption
  • mesenteric ischaemia
  • how to manage the failing gut.

We hope that the symposium and our international speakers will generate lively discussion and both educate and interest established medical consultants, General Practitioners and trainees alike.

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