About Us

Founded in 2014, the Caribbean School of Medical Sciences, Jamaica (CSMSJ) is poised to become one of the Caribbean’s premier institutions for medical education and healthcare training institutions. We are committed to world-class training while developing a quality workforce of professionals ready to confront and conquer the challenges of 21st-century medicine.

CSMSJ became a chartered institute of Jamaica on June 30, 2017. CSMSJ is also registered by the Jamaica Tertiary Education Commission and listed on the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) and the World Directory of Medical Schools. CSMSJ has been registered by the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) since 2018, and the Associate of Science in Natural and Applied Sciences (PreMed Based) has been fully accredited by UCJ since August 2021.

Our institution was formed by leading medical professionals. Students receive an education from the best tutors and lecturers from Jamaica, Cuba, USA, and India. These practitioners are dedicated to imparting their knowledge to the next generation.

There is an overwhelming need for physicians worldwide, and CSMSJ seeks to address this need to train world-class physicians while enhancing the healthcare delivery of Jamaica. The institution opens opportunities for medical students and prospective physicians, offering an excellent academic programme in medicine a safe, conducive, and engaging environment to pursue their studies at an affordable cost.

Jamaica With its outstanding physicians, tutors, and opportunities for clinical experience, proximity to the USA is one of the best locations within the Caribbean Basin for Medical Education.

We aim to train top-of-the-line physicians to pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB), Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE), Caribbean Medical Council Examination (CAM-CE), and practice in the USA, Canada, UK, The Caribbean, and other countries, including those emerging economies. Caribbean School of Medical Sciences, Jamaica, offers a twelve (12) semester – Four (4) year MD curriculum. The first two years focus on Basic Sciences, while the next two years involve Clinical Rotations in approved hospitals in Jamaica, Cuba, and the USA.

CSMSJ also has a four (4) semester ninety (90) credit Associate of Science in Natural and Applied Sciences and subsequently will offer Post MD courses. The school has specialized academic programmes in Sports Medicine, Health Tourism, Health Technology, Tropical Medicine, and Public Health.

CSMSJ offers a six-week review programme to prepare Locum medical interns for the Caribbean Association of Medical Council Examination (CAM-CE), in which they have an 85%-95% pass rate.

CSMSJ offers a four-week review programme for the presentation of medical interns (medical doctors who are desirous of practicing in the United States) for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) in collaboration with the PASS Programme.

CSMSJ is undertaking extensive research in Jamaican and Caribbean medicinal flora and endemic diseases and collaborating with international medical research and technological innovations.

Our Vision

Caribbean School of Medical Sciences, Jamaica (CSMSJ) will achieve international eminence as an academic institution in undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate and continuing professional education; basic and clinical research; clinical practice and service; public health and prevention; and responsiveness to its community.

CSMSJ, in an environment with both rapid scientific and technological advances and economic changes, will be recognized for its excellence and innovation in technological innovation in:

  • Education
  • Research
  • Patient Care
  • Community Service

We will approach this through the recruitment, development, and retention of talented, culturally diverse faculty, staff, trainees, and students utilizing:

  • Interdisciplinary Approaches
  • Inter-professional Relationships
  • Partnerships with our Local and Regional communities
  • Collaboration with Industry

Our Mission

Caribbean School of Medical Sciences, Jamaica (CSMSJ) mission is to train scientifically prepared, technically skilled, clinically competent, and humane students in the practice of sciences as Medical Doctors and healthcare professionals. They will be able to employ the principles of science and healthcare relationships and maintain confidentiality in the discharge of their duties. CSMSJ’s graduates will also be trained to contribute to the community of their practice and residence.

Our Philosophy

The school’s philosophy is to impart the highest scientific, clinical and ethical knowledge to its students. The school will employ the right conditions and ambience for maximum academic standards to produce exemplary medical practitioners in the art and science of medicine. The school will also ensure that the students are excellent researchers, humane and sensitive to the cultural norms, and protect the rights of the citizens within the society in which they work and reside.

Dr. Neville Ballin, MBChB, FFARCS (Ireland)

Executive Dean’s Message

Welcome to the Caribbean School of Medical Sciences, Jamaica (CSMSJ).   CSMSJ is the 3rd Medical School in Jamaica. Our programs consist of an Associate Degree Natural and Applied Sciences that prepares candidates to sit the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and/or matriculate into our four-year Doctor of Medicine (MD) Degree program that prepares candidates to sit the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).

Our partners, KAPLAN and PASS PROGRAM, give students added opportunities in their studies. Our strategy is to have small class sizes and direct teaching strategies that allow ordinary or talented students to become excellent doctors as long as you are willing to study hard and be guided by our highly trained and dedicated staff.

We also have courses such as Sports Medicine, the Business of Medicine, and Public Health to give students a more rounded medical education 

experience and opportunities. The humanities section of our institution was incorporated to train students in a second language – Spanish, as well as World History and Caribbean History to help achieve our Motto: Knowledge Competence and Humanity.

From day one, students will gain experience through clinical correlation by visiting Hospitals and other clinical institutions/facilities.

The opportunity for research that links with medical needs and connects with your own country will be encouraged.

We have an attractive program for our recreation, sports, and student life for local and international students. Our institution is constantly searching for scholarships opportunities for our outstanding or economically challenged students.

As Executive Dean, the promotions of strong links between academics, clinical experience, and research opportunities will develop other opportunities for postgraduate and other courses in health disciplines and professions.

Why choose us

The top reasons for you to join us
Our facilities promote active learning and utilizes technological advance teaching methodology.
Consist of six (6) semesters. This provides students the opportunity to interact with patients and hospital administrators at teaching hospitals in Jamaica, Cuba and the United States.
Enthusiastic and clinical research opportunities in Tropical Flora, Public Health, Sports Medicine and Diabetics.
online learning
Through our Online Learning Management System (LMS) students are prepared for classes, online question bank, laboratory session and clinical stimulation.