Learning Management System

Caribbean School of Medical Sciences, Jamaica (CSMSJ) proudly utilizes MOODLE as its primary Learning Management System (LMS). Designed to enhance the educational experience, MOODLE facilitates seamless interaction between students, faculty, and course resources.

The user-friendly interface allows students to navigate courses, assignments, and resources with ease. The personalized dashboards tailor to student’s homepage to showcase active courses, pending assignments, and notifications. With collaboration tools students can engage in forums, chats, and peer reviews to foster collaboration and discussion.  Students have access to assessment, undertake quizzes, submit assignments, and receive feedback—all in one place.  Access a plethora of course materials, from lecture slides to video, tutorials, supplementary readings and CSMSJ online library resources.  With the MOODLE mobile app, learning becomes portable and accessible on-the-go through mobile integration.

Students have the flexibility to learn at their own pace, anytime, anywhere.  LMS provides students with a uniform course layout to ensure a standardized and intuitive user experience across modules.  With real time monitoring students can track their progress, grades, and participation levels with in-built analytics.  Through enhanced communication students can directly connect with peers and instructors, facilitating timely responses and clarifications.

Support and Training:

New to MOODLE? No worries! CSMSJ provides comprehensive tutorials and dedicated support to help you navigate and maximize the platform's potential.

Dive into the dynamic world of digital learning with MOODLE at CSMSJ. Whether you're a student looking to excel academically or faculty aiming to enrich teaching methods, MOODLE is here to revolutionize the way you learn and teach.


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