The MD Programme admits Post B.Sc. students with ≥ 3.2 GPA and MCAT ≥ 24 or equivalent depending on the system they are coming from.

The M.D. Course is a twelve (12) semesters programme that include Basic Sciences and Clinical Rotations in Hospitals and Primary Health Care Facilities, in Jamaica, Cuba, the Caribbean, as well as in the United States or Canada.

At the end of successful training, students will be awarded a Caribbean School of Medical Sciences, Jamaica Doctor of Medicine Degree (MD).

Students are trained to sit the United States Medical License Examination I (USMLE I) at the end of Year two (2), USMLE II, at the end of year three (3) and USMLE III at the end of year four (4).   The requirement for progression and graduation is to attain the appropriate standards of the Medical School and to pass all the exams that are administered by the school.

Students are also prepared for the CARICOM examination (CAM-C) if they wish to practice in the region.  They would be required to do a year of internship.   Students who wish to be trained to sit the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) and United Kingdom (PLAB), has they desire are accommodated.

The objective is to create highly qualified individuals ready to make their mark in the practice of Medicine locally and globally.

MD Curriculum

The programme is divided into Basic Sciences for six (6) semesters and full preparation for CSMSJ MD I and USMLE I.  This will be followed by a six (6)-semester programme, which will comprise of clinical rotations classes and full preparation for CSMSJ MD II & III and USMLE II/III.

Embedded in this Curriculum is also a strict programme for acquiring the technical and professional competence in understanding disease processes, diagnosis, investigation, treatment and rehabilitation of patients.

The Caribbean School of Medical Sciences, Jamaica places great emphasis on the above.

Areas such as Diabetology and Endocrinology, Public Health, Sports Medicine, Tourism (Health Tourism) and Health Technology is emphasized as part of our offering.

All Medical students will be graduating with competence in CPR, BLS and ACLS.

Many Medical Schools especially Ivy Leagues USA and European Medical Schools are re-evaluating the importance of complementary and Eastern medical practices e.g.: Acupuncture, and have taken the position of inviting scientific evaluation as well as engaging public discussion around topics such as Integrated Medicine.

The Caribbean School of Medical Sciences, Jamaica will not ignore these developments and will keep a close eye on their evolution and incorporate aspects of their programmes as the need arises.

Introduction to Electronic Medical Records will also be a goal as this concept matures.

Clinical Teaching Facilities

The Caribbean School of Medical Sciences, Jamaica has signed agreements with the University of Technology, Jamaica, Winchester Surgical and Medical Institute, Heart Institute of the Caribbean and other private institutions. The CSMSJ signed MOUs with GOJ through Ministries of Health for clinical sites. Part of these MOUs have embedded our commitment to standardize these sites making them adequate for training in accordance with WHO and Foundation for Advancement of International, Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) and CAAM-HP standards.

  • Ministry of Health, Jamaica (All Hospitals)
  • Cuba, Hospital Clinica Quirurgico – Hermanos Ameijeiras
  • CSMSJ Anatomy Laboratory
  • Morgan’s Funeral Home – Pathology Laboratory

MD Course  Requirement

MD Degree Entry Requirements

  1. Caribbean School of Medical Sciences, Jamaica Entrance Examination with a minimum score of 60%.

OR:  one of the following requirements must be met:

  • Pre-Med Qualification with a GPA of 3.2
  • First degree in Sciences/Health Sciences with a GPA of 3.2

Equivalent qualifications from other countries (subject to UCJ regulations)

  1. Medical Colleges Admissions Test (MCAT), with a minimum score of 24.
  2. Advanced placement with appropriate qualifications, will be for people who are over 40 years old but less than 50.
  • NB: Students whose mother language is not English and have not passed Secondary level English language will be required to pass an English Proficiency Test.
  • All prospective students with appropriate qualification will be interviewed after initial assessment.

MD School  Fee Structure

 Basic Sciences Programme (MD Year 1 and 2)

  • Duration                                            13 weeks per semester – 6 Semesters
  • Tuition Fees                                      US $ 7,000 per semester or (US $21,000 annually)
  • Average Costs for Books                 US$ 400 per semester (Online Books will be much more affordable)

Clinical Sciences Programme (MD Year 3 and 4)

  • Duration                                            13 weeks per semester – 6 Semesters
  • Tuition Fee                                        US$ 8,000 per semester or (US $24,000 annually)
  • Average Costs for Books                 US$ 600 per semester (Online Books will be much more affordable)

 Other Fees

  • Commitment Reservation Fee       US $1,000 non-refundable (this will be adjusted towards first semester fee)
  • Late Registration Fee                       US $250 (applied only when past due date)
  • ID/Access control card Fee            US $25
  • Examination Fee for all exams      US $15 per credit
  • Financial Aid Contribution            US $100 per disbursement
  • Late Tuition Payment Fee              US $100 per month (applied when past due date) Payment due date is 1 week before the start of each semester