Our Tuition

School Fee Structure

 Pre-Med Programme  

  • Duration
15 weeks per semester – 4 Semester

The payment due date is 1st week before the start of each semester 

  • Tuition Fees
  • Average Costs for Books

USD 2500 per semester
USD 200 per semester


Basic Sciences Programme (MD Year 1 and 2)

  • Duration
15 weeks per semester – 6 Semesters

The payment due date is 1st week before the start of each semester

  • Tuition Fees
  • Average Costs for Books

USD 6,000 per semester
USD 350 per semester


Clinical Sciences Programme (MD Year 3 and 4)

  • Duration
15 weeks per semester – 6 Semesters

The payment due date is 1st week before the start of each semester

  • Tuition Fee
  • Average Costs for Books

USD 8,000 per semester
USD 300 per semester


Other Fees

  • Commitment Reservation Fee
  • Late Registration Fee
  • ID/Access control card Fee
  • Examination Fee for all exams
  • Financial Aid Contribution
  • Late Tuition Payment Fee

USD 1,000 non-refundable (this will be adjusted towards the first-semester fee)
USD 250 (applied only when past due date)
USD 25
USD 15 per credit
USD 100 per disbursement
USD 100 per month (applied when past due date)

Scholarship (Financial Aid Counselling and Resources)

A Financial Assistant Committee at the level and partnerships with Financial Institutions and Private Agencies regarding assistance and Scholarships are provided. The scholarship may cover full fees or partial.

Payment Plan. CSMSJ will facilitate students who find it difficult to pay the fees with a payment plan wherein they can pay using various schemes. Upon registering, all students must elect a Payment Plan if there is an inability to pay the tuition fee in full upon acceptance and enrollment at CSMSJ, commencement, and continuation of your program. Click here for the Payment Plan. This arrangement facilitates the students to pay their dues before the end of the term examinations.

MOEYI Scholarship. We offer a scholarship in collaboration with the Ministry of Education Youth & Information (MOEYI). The Tertiary Student Assistance Programme is provided to needy and deserving Jamaican students, depending on their financial situation.  Click here for the scholarship form. Deadline closes annually on June 30.

All applications must be submitted to Student Services:

Student Affairs
Caribbean School of Medical Sciences, Jamaica
77 Shortwood Road, Kingston 8; Jamaica W.I.

Student Loan Bureau. The Student Loan Bureau (SLB) offers loans to everyone pursuing tertiary education at any of the Approved Tertiary Institutions. SLB offers three different loan products, Targeted, Pay As You Study (PAYS), and Post Graduate (PostGrad). Please visit the Student Loan Bureau (www.slbja.com ) for product details and more information.

CSMSJ strives to qualify as an institution wherein the international students can seek federal assistance or assistance from their respective governments to facilitate the completion of their studies.

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