Name of Principal/President:Dr. Neville Graham
Board Chairperson:Prof. Errol Morrison

School Organization:

The school is organized into four (4) departments.

  • The Pre-Med Department
  • The Basic Sciences Department
  • The Clinical Sciences Department
  • The Graduate Studies and Research Departments
    Each department is responsible for the delivery and management of several modules, programmes and short courses
Award: (i.e., degree, diploma, certificate)
  • On successful completion of this Pre Med course of study, the graduates will receive the Diploma in Pre-Med.
  • On successful completion of this Pre Dental course of study, the graduates will receive the Diploma in Pre Dental.
  • On successful completion of this MD course of study, the graduates willreceive the Doctor of Medicine (MD).
Programmes being offered:
  • Pre-Med Program:
    • four (4) semesters (16 months), and ninety (90) credit hours that culminate in a Diploma in Pre-Medical Sciences.These students will be able to do the Medical College Admission Test(MCAT) and can apply for General Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Sciences.
  • Medical Doctoral Programme:
  • twelve (12) semesters (4 yr.) that includes Basic Sciences and Clinical Rotations in Hospitals and Primary Health Care Facilities, in Jamaica, the Caribbean, as well as in the United States.


Registered Institutions



Pre Med Degree Entry Requirements

Five CSEC subjects at the General Proficiency Level (B+ and above) including:

  • Mathematics and English
  • Three other subjects, which must include a minimum of two related science subjects (e.g.Biology, Physics and Chemistry)
  • Equivalent qualifications from other countries, which will be verified by the Programme Director.

MD Degree Entry Requirements

  • Caribbean School of Medical Sciences, Jamaica Entrance Examination with a minimum score of 60%.
    OR: one of the following requirements must be met:
    Pre-Med Qualification with a GPA of 3.2 First degree in Sciences/Health Sciences with a GPA of 3.2 Equivalent qualifications from other countries (subject to UCJ regulations)
  • Medical Colleges Admissions Test (MCAT), with a minimum score of 24.
  • Advanced placement with appropriate qualifications, will be for people who are over 40 years old but less than 50.

NB: Students whose mother language is not English and have not passed Secondary level English language will be required to pass an English Proficiency Test.

All prospective students with appropriate qualification will be interviewed after an initial assessment.

  • Gender:Co-educational
  • Age range of students:19 – 59
  • Capacity:500
  • Enrolment:Pre-Med = 10. MD = 10
  • Attendance Rate:90%
  • Number of Lecturers:(9 – Pre-Med) : (23 – MD)
  • Management – 15
  • Administrative – 10
  • Security – 4
  • Auxiliary – 3
  • Student to Lecturer Ratio:10:1
  • Owned by:Health Investor and Education Company Limited